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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the overnight with the storms that pushed through. that impacts the morning rush with trees down. watch for leaves came down last night. you have wet leaves making things more slippery. day planner this wednesday morning showing you we will see sunshine. also see wind. these are sustained winds out of west 18, 19, 15. get to 62 by noon. 61 at 5:00. it will be mild for this time of year, but windy. wind advisory in effect at 9:00. gusts 30, 40, maybe 50 in the mountains. big storms came through last night. stop it at 1:00 this morning. see that line coming through the metro with winds. we have measured wind gusts 50 and 60 miles per hour with that line of storms. this morning, other than sprinkles in far northern virginia and northern maryland, we are in better shape. wind advisory covering everybody in the metro. southern maryland down south
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towards fred riksburg. happy wednesday. waking up to moderate conditions. that's because we are dealing with the aftermath of the storm. a lot going on here. first, 267 drivers headed eastbound, want to let you know near wolf trap overpass doing some repairs. through the morning rush, losing two right lanes. stay to the left to get by. know you will have more delays than usual. out in arlington, downed tree in the roadway taking away north george mason drive. massachusetts avenue closed, and that's between 34th street and 34th place. in the east, rhode island shut between 4th and 12th because of tree in the roadway. potomac, similar conditions near persimmon tree. can't access that part of the roadway. downed wires along with tree.
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coming up in the next report at 5:09, a look at 66. >> thank you. this morning, there are damage assessments going on across the metro area. >> cracking trees, downed power lines may have woken you overnight. someplace is there are serious problems. 9 news kristin fisher is live in northeast washington checking out damage there. >> reporter: pretty bad scene here. a lot of damage. so much so when you drive around this parking lot, you feel like you are dodging a mine field. can't go 20 feet without encountering substantial debris. good news, look over my shoulder, rhode island avenue. there are police cars here. see the truck moving through now, that's i believe a street cleaner. right now, they are cleaning up, getting ready to reopen rhode island avenue to traffic,
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just in time for the morning commute. that's good news. let's talk about damage here. check out this home here. look at the roof. completely sheered off. fortunately, nobody was inside when the storm blew through. otherwise, could have been a somewhat serious situation. we have crews on the ground, scoping it out now, assessing damage. take a look at the video our photographer shot earlier this morning of some of the other damage in the area. you can see we've got things like the roof of aj wright in this parking lot. part of that roof is completely gone. the post office, one of the walls completely gone as well. and another thing i want to point out, we have trees sheered in half. as we chitchat with the police officers, there's speculation about whether or not this was a tornado or micro burst. they are tossing the two words
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around out here quite a bit. want to make it clear, national weather service has not issued any sort of warnings that this was indeed tornado or micro burst, could have just been very strong winds. we know there were winds reported 50 to 60 miles per hour. one more thing to show you. check up here in this tree. almost every tree in the parking lot, you will find some sort of garbage bag, sign, really i mean this whole area just a real mess this morning. going to be a lot of cleanup going on out here through the morning. more in a half hour. mike and andrea, back to you. there was more local storm damage as you slept. this footage from northwest washington massachusetts near 34th street. tree fell sometime before 3:00 a.m., blocked all four lanes of traffic. there are reports of trees and wires down at several other locations in the district and
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surrounding counties. this morning, authorities are trying to restore order in haiti. at least one person died in violence as demonstrators protest the cholera epidemic that killed more than a thousand people. in many places, protesters took control of the streets. 5:05. more detention hearings expected today for suspects arrested in the prince georges county corruption scandal. couple accused of hiring police officers to help them move and sell untaxed liquor and tobacco. federal investigators say they recorded conversations of the couple talking about paying off county officials. officers also seized $400,000 in cash from the closet of the home. the headline suspect in this case, outgoing executive jack johnson. the man that takes his place, baker, has avoided questions for the most part about this,
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but briefly addressed it on 9 news at 11 live. >> clearly people in prince georges county are upset at what happened over the last couple days. but what they want to see and what they will see in the incoming administration is that we are prepared to lead them to a bright future. we have great opportunities in prince georges county. it is not a sad day. it is unfortunate what happened. there are opportunities what happened in prince georges county. >> indeed, baker will be sworn in as next chief executive december 6th. a bill places limits on welfare limits appears to be dodd. they wanted to cap a person's welfare benefits at five years, something most states do. they say it breaks a cycle of dependency. tommy wells opposes that and chairs human services committee. that means wells can block that bill from going forward. time for latest your money
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report. >> and jessie has more on wall street climbing out of the tunnel. >> we have economic data, we have inflation, construction data. stocks dropped four days in a row. latest problem for the market, concerns over slow down in china, talks about bailout for irish banks. latest sell took the dow-jones to the lowest level in a month. the dow is close to slipping below 11,000. dropped 178 points by close yesterday. nasdaq fell by 44 points, and s & p s & p 500 dropped 19 points. a meeting of european finance ministers is over. there are concerns ireland can't rescue its own banks. irish banks ran into trouble when the country's real estate boom collapsed. but irish and eu officials promised to stabilize banks so it doesn't spread to other
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fragile economies. national wildlife federation the best place to work for commuters, according to fairfax county department of transportation. they recognize companies that offer wide range of ways to get to work, including ridesharing, teleworking. i can do the news from the couch in my living room. just set up a camera. >> we talked about this before, pajama day. what do you have for us? >> ready set shop. deals of the day in the lead into holiday shopping and deals for the game erin your life. >> thank you. a meeting between the president and capitol hill leaders improving bipartisan ship on the back burner. and an arms dealer appears in courtroom after two year extradition fight. and coming up in sports,
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redskins have a big out if they don't want donovan mcnabb. we will be right back.
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northern virginia, perryville to percyville, scattered through loud encounty. day planner, temperatures in the 50s, low to mid-60s. noon time, 62. winds at times gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. in the next report,
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downtown trees to avoid. 5:11. making news this morning, man nick named merchant of death in manhattan jail. >> u.s. attorney general eric holder calls it a victory for rule of law worldwide. accused russian dealer appeared for court appearance later today. accuseda -- arrested two years ago. extradition deal just completed this week. house ethics panel found long time new york congressman charlie rangal guilty of breaking house ethics rules regarding financial statements and fund-raising activities. the punishment he faces could include a fine or denial of privileges. he is calling the verdict unfair. president obama and congressional leaders postponed a meeting to talk about getting along. the president wants to focus on cooperation with the house, soon to be under republican
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control. but at the republican's request, the meeting is cancelled, now set for november 30th. fallen trees and power lines make a mess of area roads. >> howard has more on the weather that blew through last night, what to expect for today after this break. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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coming up on 5:15. thank you for joining us this wednesday morning. howard bernstein has more on what happened overnight. >> big time winds come in from storms that pushed through. when you get the storms going this way, winds can be transported to the surface. we have that. kristin fisher has reports in and around fairfax county, the district, and towards beltway. we have some video to share with you. this is from fleet wood avenue area. they had all sorts of problems with trees down as well. and also in parkville and beltway, several houses there had trees and power lines down there. this is a problem across the region during the oarn. thankfully, things are quieter. let's go to the weather computer for starters. show you what's happening with storms. last night, they came through. stopped everything around 1:00. see how they are bowing across the district in prince georges
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county. that's pushing there. that's what came through us, beltway. is now going through new york quickly. behind it, a couple of sprinkles. there they go. go to live doppler hd. folks to the north and west will see a passing shower, especially for parts of northern loudoun county. right on route 7 to leesburg, up route 15 going across the river. frederick may see a sprinkle, also clarksburg. going up north in frederick county and carroll county, some sprinkles. once this passes in the next hour, we will be done with showers here. maybe some lingering in the mountains. the bus stop forecast. we definitely have threat for showers, north this morning. otherwise, partly sunny and breezy. temperatures in 50s. sunup at 6:53, setting 4:53. temperatures in the 50s. you see them qulr wide. -- area wide.
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it is 57 at college park. 55 at andrews. and washington, reagan national airport, 56 degrees, skies starting to break. winds south, southwest at 14. barometer jumped 3 hundredths. high pressure will build in behind the deep storm. that drives the wind. that pressure difference drives the wind already gusting over 20 at andrews, beltway. gusts earlier to 45 at cumberland, now to 31. higher winds moving into mark insburg. this is a big storm in the northeast, continues to pull away with the wind. next weather maker in middle of the country, this is sort of a clipper system, quickly following on the heels of this storm. once we get rid of this, sunny, windy conditions. wind advisory goes into effect at 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. with strong winds, could have gusts 30, 40, 50 in the mountains, 30 to 40 in the metro. this system comes in for
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tomorrow, with clouds and maybe a sprinkle. looks like that passes to the south. so the next three days breakdown this way. 64 today with winds. 55 tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy, sprinkles. chilly, friday, 52. saturday back to 60 degrees. going to the maryland game, nice for that. cool sunday, only 50. back above 6 # 0 monday and tuesday. 5:18. angie goff, power lines are causing issues. >> i posted everything at that's why we are giving the morning a yellow light. check it out on the maps. big thing to tell you about, 267 eastbound in virginia, overpass repairs going on near wolf trap exit. as a result, hunter mill losing a couple of right lanes. expect more delays in that area. moving over to arlington, downed trees in the roadway taking away north george mason
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drive closed between 10th and washington. in the district 2 spots, massachusetts avenue remains closed now, this is out in northwest. we took this video earlier. this is between 34th street and 34th place. looks like a pretty big tree to be there some time. also on the maps in northeast d.c., rhode island shut between 4th and 12th. same situation. taking it over to potomac, persimmon tree road. doind wires with another tree in buoys. and the next traffic report is at 5:25. check on the beltway in maryland north of the district. back to you. >> thank you. next in sports, maryland and georgetown winning basketball squad face off in a matchup of top 25 teams. and learning more details about donovan mcnabb's big new contract with the redskins.
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>> here is the question of the day. about married life, what goes on behind the closed bedroom doors. >> 45% of wives say husbands snore. how many husbands admit. 5%, 15%, or 25%. we will have the answer coming up later this hour. but yours on our facebook page. see you in a bit.
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good morning. 5:22. a couple of sprinkles up north. otherwise, big storms are gone. temperatures running in the 50s. heading towards 9:00, still in mid-50s. sunny but windy. watch for winds today. wind advisory into effect at 9:00. noon time, 62. holding in 50s in shenandoah valley. this afternoon, 64. some gusts later today, 30 to 40 miles per hour. 5:23. gilbert areason as gets a chance to lead the wizards to a win. >> here is morning sports. >> good morning. d.c. has welcomed two number one draft picks this year, steven stros berg lasted 12 games before the injury bug got his elbow. john wall made it 8. rookie guard spending yesterday on crutches with sprained foot. missed last night's game, may miss a few more.
5:24 am
that meant gilbert areason as would make his start. he knocked down a 3. had 3 of those. another one from same exact spot. wizards by 7 at the break. gilbert chasing loose ball, sparking break. getting that ball to trevor booker. he lays it in. then nick young. 20 points off the bench for former usc star. gilbert had 20 with 3 and 6. college hoops. maryland and georgetown women meeting first time since '03. both in the top 25. that's natasha cloud. terps an early lead. they respond with sugar rogers. they take the terps by 8. news regarding donovan mcnabb's contract extension. heard it was five years, 78 million. turns out if the redskins cut him at the end of this season, they will owe him just 3 and a
5:25 am
half million dollars. and the contract would be void. not quite as ironclad as we originally thought. i'm brad, have a great monday. you may have debris in the yard. >> the best resale cars. and 5:49. study of a controversial immigration policy yields surprising results. here is angie. >> all right. thank you very much. we are checking on the outer loop. lanes are open. still ahead in the traffic report, coming up, storm damage to avoid at 5:30. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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busy morning in traffic and weather. you will be back with roads in a minute. first, weather with howard. >> busy night last night.
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storms moved through. we have wind gusts 50 and 60. measured wind gusts, we don't have weather vains everywhere. can't measure them everywhere. some folks have gusts higher than 60 miles per hour. we had damage because of that. day planner here mid-50s at 9:00, low 60s at noon. 3:00 and 6:00, high of 64. the winds are a factor today. sustained 15, 20, 25, gusts 30 to 40 in the metro. potentially gusting to 50 in the mountains. big storms came through. 12:30, 1:00, 2:00, line at 1:00. firmed up going through. doing damage. a few sprinkles left over across loudoun and montgomery county and frederick county and carroll county. wind advisory 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. gusts 40 to 50. get your garbage can early, or it might be somewhere you didn't expect it to go.
5:30 am
5:29. angie goff has traffic. busy busy this morning. hello. hope you're off to a great wednesday. a wide view of mapts, major roads check out okay. smaller roadways have some problems. 267 traveling eastbound, overpass repairs near wolf trap. you will lose a couple of right lanes near hunter mill. expect more delays in that area. take tg to northwest d.c., massachusetts avenue, downed tree between 34th street and 34th place. and also in the northeast, losing rhode island between 4th and 12th. same reason. arlington, virginia, tree in roadway, north george mason drive closed between 10th and washington boulevard. in potomac, maryland, same situation, affecting northbound river at persimmon tree road. take it to buoys, maryland, wires and trees in roadway, dealing with aftermath of the
5:31 am
storm. maryland, 197 shut at old laurel buoys road. a lot to watch for, a lot mapped out at still ahead at 5:39, a check of 95 in virginia. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, cleanup under way after the overnight storms. >> a lot of places, there are reports of serious building damage in parts of beltway. first responders set up mobile command near fleetwood avenue. the scene looks like a tornado hit. but there are no reports of injuries. dozens of people in temporary housing. their homes were damaged. >> back in northwest washington, cleanup crews on massachusetts avenue near 34th street. tree fell sometime before 3:00 a.m., blocked all four lanes of traffic. reports of trees and wires down in several other locations in the district and surrounding
5:32 am
counties. kristin fisher joins us. you have a lot of damage in the northeast. >> reporter: we have a ton of damage. no injuries to report, that's the good thing. a lot of cleanup needs to take place this morning. i want to give you an idea how strong the wind was this morning. check it out. it is a metal security fence. this is not light. i can lift it up, but it is still pretty heavy. you can see the wind tossed this fence over. it is like this throughout this whole parking lot. this is the parking lot of home depot in brentwood. and check out this damage in front of the home depot. to the right of it, you will see it is kind of a shed, one of those portable sheds you might put garden tools in, lawn mower. it is completely crumbled. really just significant damage here. now i want to show you what firefighters and crews are
5:33 am
working on now. we have had multiple reports of roofs blown off in brentwood area. the most visually spectacular if you will for lack of better word this home here where fire crews are currently trying to assess damage. the good news, nobody was inside when the storm blew through. the home was under renovation. that's the good news. you can see quite a bit of damage to this home. this is just one example. the roof of the aj wright in this parking lot has blown off. really a lot of damage to deal with. we have power outages, street closures. this section of rhode island avenue is closed. you heard angie say, parts of massachusetts avenue are closed due to trees down. really you're heading into work this morning. you are going to want to plan for extra time. as we were driving around out here, we kept seeing more and more signs of damage, trees down. a real mess.
5:34 am
back to you. >> thank you. 5:33. we could learn the verdict later today in chandra levy murder trial. the jury gets the case this morning against ingmar guandique. prosecutors are mostly relying on circumstantial evidence. physical evidence was destroyed in the year after the d.c. intern was killed and her remains recovered. he admitted to attacking two other women in rock creek park. a sell mate says he admitted to killing chandra levy. d.c. prosecutors take a pivotal step in murder of american university professor by dropping charges against the person found driving that stolen jeep less than a day after she was killed in her home. this was a move in extradition process so he can be transferred to montgomery county where police say he is a potential subject in markham's murder. an iguana, two geckos,
5:35 am
hissing cockroach among kreechers taken with turtles and kate middleton meal i don't think so. a resident tipped them some juveniles were carrying animals into nearby home. investigators haven't filed charges. time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is here. >> you get that new car, has that new car smell, drive it off the lot, immediately loose 20% of retail -- lose 20% of retail value. kelly blue block has new -- book is out. here is the list of cars. if you have an iphone, here is a way to save money on the
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popular earlier this year. >> get your hands on it. if you can, get a break. >> yeah. >> not bad. thank you. an emergency ban on certain drink leads to buying frenzy among college students. and prediction of how many people you share the road with if you drive to grandma's house for thanksgiving. 5:37. we will be back. ♪ [ female announcer ] there's a way to get your groceries when you want them, all without leaving your home.
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5:38. looking at stars overhead here. a few sprinkles across montgomery county and loudoun county, frederick and carroll county. watch for the wind advisories. noon time temperature, 62. top off low to mid-60s. angie goff has traffic. >> hello, virginia. traveling northbound 95 watching volume pick up.
5:40 am
overall, we are clear. storm damage in the next time saver traffic report at 5:47. back to you. >> thank you. busy thanksgiving travel russia week away. aaa says more than 42 million people are traveling with the long holiday weekend. that's an increase from last year. 4% traveling by air, 2% going by rail, bus, or boat. today, law enforcement agencies in montgomery county will be forming what's called a multi agency taskforce. all aimed at reducing drunk driving this holiday season. they plan to increase patrols, do compliance checks at local businesses, set up alcohol check points with the goal of reducing drunk drivers on the road. a study reaches some surprising conclusions about prince georges county policy of checking immigration status of people under arrest.
5:41 am
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welcome back to 9 news. 5:44.
5:45 am
arundel schools closed this morning. >> we are here this morning, a lot of delays going. angie will have information. we have trees down, power lines down from winds last night, which in many cases got to 50, 60 miles per hour in the storms. today, we will have winds that could gust 30 to 40, maybe 50 in the mountains due to just wind behind the big storm. here we go to breezy, couple sprinkles north. partly sunny skies. temperatures holding in 50s, with sunup at 6:53. sets at 4:53 laitder on. day planner today, mix of clouds and sun. noon time, mostly sunny, 62. winds out of west 20 miles per hour sustained. gusting 30, 35, 40 miles per hour through the afternoon. wind advisory in effect until 4:00 p.m. 63 degrees by 4:00. top off around 64.
5:46 am
then this evening, winds start to relax. west wind at 11. 53 under clear skies. overnight winds 5 to 10. satellite and radar, busy. big showers and storms. look at the line bowing out here. in the 1:00 hour, that kind of came through quickly. not only doing damage in the district, but partial of fairfax, arlington, beltway. we have some damage in anne arundel county. a busy night with showers moving through. go to the doppler quickly. couple of sprinkles in loudoun county. through montgomery county into howard county, and frederick and beltway county. this is moving quickly, won't be a problem. temperatures in the 50s. 50 in couple better land, 56 in town. 55 at andrews air force base. winds are starting to gust,
5:47 am
especially out west. winds now gusting in oakland to 43. 28 in win chester. winds pick up as the storm system cranks away from us. behind it, high pressure builds in. that pressure difference drives the winds. generally clear skies going through the day, lots of sunshine, also a decent amount of wind. next three days, today becoming sunny and windy, 64. tomorrow, cool 55. could be a sprinkle in one or two spots. say cloudy, partly to mostly cloudy. heading towards the weekend, saturday looks real nice. it will be mild and 60. front cools us down to 50 sunday. back above 60 monday and tuesday. wind advisory in effect from 9:00 to 4:00. winds could gust to 50 in the mountains. 5:47. time saver traffic. >> good morning. waking up to moderate conditions as you can imagine with storms like that overnight. we are going to have problems on the morning commute. take a look for yourself.
5:48 am
show you the dulles toll road, 267 eastbound. the overpass near wolf trap needs repairs. you want to use trap error hunter mill as alternate route. massachusetts avenue closed between 34th street and 34th place. looking at conditions we have video of. took this earlier. still affecting the roadway. also finding that rhode island in northeast shut between 4th and 12th street. taking you over to arlington, virginia, george mason drive between 16th and washington boulevard. northbound river at persimmon tree road, another tree to watch for. coming up in the next traffic report, at 6:00. more storm damage to avoid. back to you. making news at 5:48 this
5:49 am
morning. today, senate subcommittee holding hearings about airport security screening. they review the transportation security administration, senators expected to discuss that detailed imaging machine and pat down technique, that some call violation of privacy. former vice president dick cheney appeared noticeably dhinner at tuesday's ground breaking for the george w bush presidential library. a cheney spokesman says he spent several weeks in the hospital this summer after heart surgery, is trying to keep his weight down for health reasons. students in washington state rushing to the stores to buy up for loak oh. it has the caffeine of four cups of coffee, alcohol of four beers. the governor enacting emergency ban on the drink starting tomorrow after incidents where young people have become seriously ill. tough policy against illegal immigrants in prince georges county. it has been under a microscope at the university of virginia.
5:50 am
>> peggy fox reports uga researchers discuss the policy. >> reporter: prince georges county chairman pushed through antiimmigration policy that produced praise and protest. >> this is pure racism against these people. >> reporter: the policy requires police to check immigration status of everyone arrested and alert ice if they are not here legally. today, researchers from university of virginia released their study of the policy, found it did work in decreasing numbers of illegal immigrants in prins william and decrease number of crimes. >> drop in overall crime rate, violent crimes, 47% drop in aggravated assault, which university of virginia attributed to implementation of this policy. for all the grief the county and the board and the police department received in 2007, the benefits are now there for everyone to see. >> reporter: but john steinbeck
5:51 am
with mexicans without borders doesn't see it that way. >> it has been three years of terror. >> reporter: study found hispanic population of every county in virginia increased in every county but prince georges county. he says that's because the new policy gives the county a bad reputation. >> this community has been forever changed. it has been torn apart. and in a real sense, cory stewart and board of supervisors brought shame on our community. i mean, we've been called the nation's capitol of intolerance. >> peggy fox, 9 news now. >> he has been pushing to take that policy statewide. steinbeck says his group will fight it all the way. 5:51. time to answer the question of the day, has to do with married life, what goes on behind closed doors. >> 45% of wives say their husbands snore. how many will admit to snoring?
5:52 am
5%, 15%, 25%? >> the answer according to usda -- usa today poll, only 5% of husbands actually admit they snoar. there's no word on how many wives admit to doing it as well. and yes, despite what wives say, they do senator, and i am not going to tell a tale outside of my wife, but i know a woman. some that look after needy animals get well deserved recognition ahead in oh my gosh. >> real life hollywood murder mystery. police trying to figure out who killed an a list publicist. every electronics store is chalked full of 3-d tvs. they can be expensive. are they worth the price? we will tell you if it is time to buy 3-d. you are watching 9 news now.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. looking at sunshine returning today. storms are gone. damage, widespread, arlington, d damage, widespread, arlington, d .c., beltway, fairfax county. by 9:15, clear skies. winds kick up.
5:56 am
wind advisory 9:00 to 4:00. 62 at noon. look for winds to gust 30 to 40 miles per hour. top off around 64. 5:00 p.m. back to 61. well, hollywood doesn't have to look far for the latest murder mystery. >> this is a strange one. police in los angeles searching for the killer of a well known publicist. candace gibson reports. >> reporter: the story could have come straight from big screen. famed hollywood publicist had left for the latest film when gunned down in middle of beverly hills. >> heard a big boom. >> reporter: that sound was her car slamming into a light pole shortly after midnight tuesday. she had been shot five times in the chest. gunfire shattering the normally quiet beverly hills neighborhood. >> normally it is safe. but you know, can happen. but it is tragic. >> reporter: she is well known in hollywood circles. lead publicist on movies like
5:57 am
"driving miss daisy" and "on golden pond." she was hobnobbing with someone on her newest projects. police have few clues as to what happened in the moments between the movie premier party and her car crash. >> we don't have a motive, no suspect information. everything is actually in preliminary stages. >> reporter: that mystery only adding to concern for neighbors in that upscale community. >> i will continue to run here on a daily basis, not feel like i am in fear for my life. and i have to move forward hoping that this was indeed an isolated incident, that it won't happen again. you never know. >> reporter: police sent several hours searching his car, home, office for clues -- her car, home, office for clues. the death remains a mystery. oh, my god. now for a look at going on in
5:58 am
entertainment. how is this for a dance partner. the doggies got down, some were downright exhausted. the humane society love ball at the hyatt regency in bethesda. they recognized local leaders in animal care. congrats are in order for team blonde. the winners of popular blonde versus brunettes football game that raised a hundred thousand dollars for alzheimer's association. the team broke the five year losing streak beating team brunette in overtime, 26-20 the final score. generous hearts fill hundreds of tummies this thanksgiving with the first annual gobble gobble give a anthony. they hosted a canned food drive.
5:59 am
giving got free sliders for donations. all of that was donated to the food bank. visit my blog and click submit. post pictures and story ideas on facebook as well. >> thank you. thank you for watching 9 news at 6:00 a.m., andrea roane. >> glad you're here. angie is busy. will be back in a bit. >> howard is busy because of weather. we were saying we didn't hear the big storms until seeing the damage or heard the transformer blow this morning. >> either you are a deep sleeper or one of the folks that didn't get the winds. not everybody gets 60 miles per hour wind gusts. had them in fairfax, in the district, arlington, beltway. we have damage widely scattered


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